The Dream Girls are back.

As Hattie faces a lifetime of blindness, Crackers deals with the possibility of a new family member, and Beverly is accused of a shocking crime. The pressure of these looming crises creates a rift among the friends and outside forces push them apart. The girls encounter their worst nightmares as they battle individual obstacles without each other’s support or encouragement. A miserable Hattie refuses to accept the inevitable—she can’t live without her precious Dream Girls. She will do anything to prove Beverly’s innocence and remain true to Crackers, even though they disagree. In her loneliness and desperation, Hattie conjures up an ingenious plan and convinces Beverly and Crackers to participate.

But time is running out—the odds are stacked against them. Can they save their friendship before it’s too late? #friendshipiscolorblind


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BEYOND THE LINES by Claudia Whitsitt

In BEYOND THE LINES, the much-awaited sequel to the award-winning Between the Lines, Crackers is on center stage with a new dream.

The Dream Girls—Hattie, Crackers, and Beverly Jo—are back with the same determination and resolve they displayed in Between the Lines.

This time, it’s Crackers who has a dream. She has oodles of talent, can outshoot any guy, and she wants to be the first girl on the boys’ basketball team. Everybody knows she’s the best player at school.

The problem is, the rules say: No girls allowed on the team. Ever.
But the Dream Girls have challenged old-fashioned notions before, and they’re not about to give up now. Beverly Jo rocks the world with an ingenious plan, Hattie sets the wheels in motion, and Crackers gives her all. For this threesome, nothing is impossible.


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Between the Lines tells the story of three girls who become friends during the racially-charged aftermath of the 1967 Detroit Riots.

Hattie Percha is crushed when the riots start on her tenth birthday, and when she must move away from her treasured childhood home and friends, attending public school for the first time, she’s afraid her life is over. Then, she meets Beverly Jo Nichols, her first black friend, and Crackers, a fearless tomboy. Despite opposition from Hattie’s mother and a racist teacher, the unlikely friends join forces. As the self-proclaimed Dream Girls, they challenge bigotry and intolerance, willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto what’s most precious to them all, their friendship.

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(Book One of the Samantha Series)

Her husband’s repeated absences bring about countless light-hearted calamities, and this trip is no different. In the midst of the usual chaos, Samantha Stitsill discovers that her husband’s identity has been stolen. The thief’s wife—a stranger, but also the mother of a student attending Samantha’s school—comes forward with her own suspicions. She believes Samantha is married to her dead husband. As Samantha pieces together the puzzle of her husband’s identity theft, she discovers the thief is a dangerous man, still alive and unmoved by family ties.

From The Author

This story is loosely based on my own experience. When my husband’s passport was stolen, and we began to receive strange phone calls in the middle of the night, the thought crossed my mind…I could write a book about this. Soon after, a threatening letter arrived from Botswana, and a student’s parent approached me, believing I was married to her dead husband. That sealed it! The result? IDENTITY ISSUES!

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(Book Two of the Samantha Series)

Mother, teacher, and widow Samantha Stitsill is at it again. She’s seeking answers about her husband and his involvement in the issues leading up to his death. Her partner, detective Jim McGrath, joins her in Japan where the two of them are thrown into a world of intrigue in which she must yet again save her own life and that of her five children.

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(Book Three of the Samantha Series)

INTERNAL ISSUES (book cover)

Samantha Stitsill tracked her husband’s mistress to Japan, was deceived into a meeting with his murderer and, with detective Jim McGrath, killed him…again.

The poor woman needs a break. But, she’s not that lucky…

After arriving home, a friend leaves a frantic phone message and then disappears. Though Sam’s instincts warn against it, she can’t resist gathering information. Dangerous men begin to follow her, and Sam realizes she has inadvertently placed her family in peril once again. This time, her greatest fears will come true.

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(Book Four of the Samantha Series)

School’s out for summer and schoolteacher Samantha Stitsill is up to her usual tricks.

She’s a fixer, and her hot detective, Jim McGrath, has lost his memory. In hopes of spurring his recovery, Sam plans a trip to the Wendell Gill Museum in Bar Harbor, Maine, where McGrath will carve by day and woo her by night. When the trip leaves Sam with extra time on her hands, she finds a friend in local psychologist, Katharine Nelson. Katharine joins Sam in her quest for closure and the women end up putting both their hearts and lives in jeopardy.

If you’re ready to laugh, cry, and hold onto the edge of your seat, tune in on June 22nd for the official release.

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INHERITED ISSUES by Claudia Whitsitt


It’s 1969 and Catholic girls are a species of their own. When Katie Hayes arrives at Eastern Michigan University to attend college, John Norman Collins has just been arrested as a suspect in the brutal rapes and murders of 7 co-eds.

Armed with her rosary and her Nancy Drew books, Katie settles into a picture perfect life…until she becomes the victim of a vicious crime. Now, her life and the lives of those she loves are at risk.

She must use her wits to trap the real murderer.
And she must make certain that the man already behind bars isn’t THE WRONG GUY!

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